Peking University Alumni Association in the UK (PKUAA-UK), is a non-political, non-religious and non-profitable community formed by all the Peking University Alumni in UK. It has four basements: London area, Cambridge, Oxford and Edinburgh. The PKUAA-UK aims to convey the traditional Peking spirits and build up a mutual community for all the UK-based alumni. Since the establishment in 2010, PKUAA-UK has attracted more than 500 alumni to register and take part in the regular activities. There are more than 800 active member of the community and tens of activities have been organized to cover various needs from the alumni. PKUAA-UK has received a lot of concern and great support from the Peking University. From September 2013, PKUAA-UK has also accommodated several official individual or visiting group from Peking University including the Chancellor Enge Wang, Minister of International collaboration Hongwei Xia, committee of Peking University Entrepreneurship club Xiaowei Chen and the dean Song Gao. Currently, we are doing our best to unite the alumni and strengthen the interaction and communication among various alumni associations. We hope to keep the strong connect with Peking University and convey her kindly love and concern to all the alumni.

Please contact with us through [email protected]