The Welcome Event for PKU Alumni in Cambridge Area on 04/10/2015

This year, we have 20 new PKU alumni join our PKUAA family in Cambridge. PKUAA has organized a big event to welcome the new PKU alumni. 25 people attended the lunch party in the Kang Qiao Restaurant. The senior students shared their experience in Cambridge and the new students introduced the latest new in Peking University. After the lunch and the group photo, PKU alumni went for punting on the Cam River. The beautiful scene of colleges, chapels, as well as the laugh ringing over the Cam River left us a good memory.

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Peking University and Tsinghua University Dinner Event

PKUAA@Edinburgh has successfully held a dinner event with alumni from Tsinghua University on the 30th of May. This was the first time that alumni from both Peking University and Tsinghua University gathered together at Edinburgh. We shared our interesting experience of living and studying in Edinburgh as well as chatted about the long-standing relationship between these top two Chinese universities. Everyone attended the event so much enjoyed it, and we happily decided to take turns for organising future gathering events for alumni from both universities. We are expecting a barbeque soon in June if the Scottish weather don’t let us down then!


PKUAA@Edinburgh Celebration Event

On the 4th of April, PKUAA@Edinburgh organised a celebration event for Dr. Wang Du and Dr. Xie Jinhan who had successfully passed their viva. Many congratulations to them! They very kindly shared their experience of viva with the rest alumni, all Doctor-To-Bes. This event was also a farewell party for those two, as they soon will be leaving UK. We wish them all the best for their future and look forward to next gathering wherever it might be!


PKUAA-UK Cambridge Punting and BBQ

​The PKUAA-UK successfully held the “Punting & BBQ” trip in Cambridge on 24th May 2015. Over thirty PKU alumni from many places in UK came to Cambridge to attend this big event. At about 11:00 am, five boats left St. John’s College and Kings’ College and head to Darwin College. All of the PKU alumni who attended this event enjoyed this fantastic punting trip along River Cam, and the beautiful scenery of riverside Colleges. Many PKU alumni also learned how to punt during this interesting punting trip. At about 12:00, all of the five punting boats arrived at the destination, Darwin College, and began the BBQ session on the “First Island”. Many of the alumni were good at barbecue and cook delicious lamb kebab, beef burger, chicken thigh, chicken wings, sausage, pork belly and drumstick etc. After enjoyed the amazing BBQ lunch, PKU alumni continued the punting trip back to St. John’s College, and enjoyed the afternoon sunshine on River Cam. At the end, PKU alumni played the Frisbee game on the lawn of St. John’s College and the half day “Punting & BBQ” trip ended in a relaxed atmosphere.

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The Foundation of Fudan University Alumni Association in UK

On April 26th 2015, the 110 years birthday of Fudan University, Fudan University Alumni Association in UK was founded at Cruciform Building of UCL in London. As the delegations of PKUAA-UK, general secretary Xiaoming Yu and the ex-general secretary Yifan Liu were invited to join this memorial event with around 70 alumni of Fudan University and delegations from Tsinghua University, Shanghai Jiaotong University, Zhejiang University, Nanjing University, Nankai University, Tongji University and Xiamen University alumni associations. Some VIPs were also present including Jianjiang Kuang, from the education section in Embassy of the PRC in Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, Dr. Sheng Shan, the honorary chairman of Zhendan University Alumni Association, Dr. Jian Chen and Dr Jinrong Meng, from the Confucius institute of Nottingham University,  Prof. Zhengxiao Guo, the vice chancellor of UCL, Mr. Huarong Tang, the executive manager of Fuxing Group, Mr. Wenying Qian, the executive manager from Lvdi Investment Group, Prof. Nabil Ayad, the dean in Political Institute of Loughborough University.


Congratulations and wish the best for the Fudan University Alumni Association in UK!

2015.05.03 Sightseeing in Oxford

On the 3rd of May 2015, the PKUAA-UK successfully held the event of Oxford sightseeing and formal dinner for PKU UK alumni. Though there was lots of rain in the afternoon, our alumni’s passion was not influenced. After visiting the Christ Church College, we had coffee and dissert at George & Davis – the best ice cream shop at Oxford, alumni from Oxford introduced the history of the Oxfordshire and the University. Around 5pm, when the weather became less rainy, we went out and kept sightseeing. We visited the Bodlleian Library, All Souls College, Hertford College, the Bridge of Sighs and were all stunned by the magnificence of Oxford. The formal dinner at Exeter College started from 7:30pm as promised. This half-day event ended at an atmosphere of joy and happiness.

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