PKUAA-UK Cambridge Punting and BBQ

​The PKUAA-UK successfully held the “Punting & BBQ” trip in Cambridge on 24th May 2015. Over thirty PKU alumni from many places in UK came to Cambridge to attend this big event. At about 11:00 am, five boats left St. John’s College and Kings’ College and head to Darwin College. All of the PKU alumni who attended this event enjoyed this fantastic punting trip along River Cam, and the beautiful scenery of riverside Colleges. Many PKU alumni also learned how to punt during this interesting punting trip. At about 12:00, all of the five punting boats arrived at the destination, Darwin College, and began the BBQ session on the “First Island”. Many of the alumni were good at barbecue and cook delicious lamb kebab, beef burger, chicken thigh, chicken wings, sausage, pork belly and drumstick etc. After enjoyed the amazing BBQ lunch, PKU alumni continued the punting trip back to St. John’s College, and enjoyed the afternoon sunshine on River Cam. At the end, PKU alumni played the Frisbee game on the lawn of St. John’s College and the half day “Punting & BBQ” trip ended in a relaxed atmosphere.

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