Hitchin Lavender Farm trip

Lavender is generally most charming in August. The PKUAA-CAMBRIDGE successfully held the Lavender Farm trip in Hitchin on 21st August 2016. Over twenty PKU alumni from Cambridge and London came to Hitchin to attend this event.

Hitchin Lavender is a lavender farm attraction close to both London and Cambridge. It was said that this farm used to be the largest and most famous lavender farm in the UK in the 16th century. It is even named as the town of lavender and there are about 100 miles of lavender field. However, with the development of industry, the farm suffered setbacks and there are only around 25miles of lavender area now.


At about 12:00 noon, PKU alumni and their friends arrived at Hitchin Lavender Farm.  The vast purple lavender fields make for some amazing landscapes with the faint smell of lavender. The fresh air and blue sky after the rain gave us a feeling of exceptional coolness and comfort. There are also sunflowers growing by the lavender area, which look golden and stunning.

PKU alumni had a lovely stroll through the lavender fields and feel the charm of the nature. The graceful girls with nice skirts were pictured by handsome boys. At about 2.00 pm, alumni had a picnic on the grass and shared their own food, such as sandwiches, chips, drinks and fruits, with each other while chatting. The picnic was held in a happy and warm atmosphere, which helped PKU alumni to know each other better.

After the picnic, PKU alumni walked through the lavender rows, picked their fresh flowers with care and took pictures for each other. Everyone kept their own lavender and felt satisfied. At the end, the lavender trip ended in a relax and harmonious atmosphere.

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